DIY- Ten minute table runner tutorial

In this brief post I want to show you how to make a table runner in just ten minutes that can be used as a tablecloth overlay, placemats or purely for decoration. how-to-sew-a-table-runner

Before you run to a shop to buy some fabric you need to figure out the size of your table runner.

Measure your table length and width. If your table is round or oval take measurements at widest and longest points.

Now, which way do you want your runner to run: lengthwise or across the table as placemats?

How long should a table runner be?

If you want your table runner to overhang the table, add between 6” and 10” (15 cm – 25 cm) to each side.

For instance: if your table is 55”/140 cm long, the table runner should be approx 62”- 65”(159 cm – 165 cm) in length.

Table runners also look great when they are laid on the top of a tablecloth.

If you are planning to use the table runner in that way then match the length of the table runner with the length of the tablecloth.

How wide should a table runner be?

If the table runner will be placed lengthwise, then the width of the finished table runner should be approx ⅓ of the width of the table.

For instance: if your dining table is 36 inches (91.5 cm) across, then the finished table runner should be approximately 12 inches (30.5 cm) wide,

However, if the table runner will be placed across the table as placemats, then the width of the runner should be approx 16”(41 cm) to accommodate the place setting.

Cutting fabric

Once you have decided on the finished size of your table runner, add 1 inch to each side to arrive to the cut size of the table runner. For instance, if the finished size of the table runner is going to be 16 inches x 55 inches (40.5 cm x 142 cm), the cut size should be 18 inches x 57 inches.

Cut your fabric to the required size.

Sewing table runner

For simplicity we will finish the edges with a double fold seam. Fold each edge 1 inch under and press with your iron. how-to-make-linen-table-runner

Now open the fold. Fold each edge ½ inch under lining up the raw edge of the fabric with the first fold line and press. how-to-make-a-simple-table-runner2

Fold the edges twice and hand baste or pin with your pins. Machine stitch the edges as close to the inner fold as you can removing pins (if you used them) along the way. quick-and-easy-table-runner

Give the runner a final press (you might want to spray the table runner with starch for a professional look) and enjoy! how-long-should-a-table-runner-be

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