How to sew curtains – Window “net” curtain

If you are looking for a contemporary style window “net” that is different from bought-in-shop type curtains you might like these.

Quick and easy to make – approximately 2 hours is enough to complete the project, these are practical – they let the sunlight through but help you maintain privacy in your home.

Easy curtain ideas-window net curtain

For this project I used:

  • Embroidered semi-sheer fabric
  • Matching satin ribbon
  • Matching tassels
  • Matching thread
  • Tension rod


  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Fabric marking pen
  • Measuring tape

Cutting fabric

Measure your window and decide on number of “net” panels and finished length of the panels.

My window, for instance, is 47” wide and 47” long, so I will make two curtain panels each measuring 23” by 45 ½”. If your window is rectangular (longer in width) you might want to make three or even four panels.

For my window “net” I cut two pieces of fabric 44” long (45 ½” plus 1” for seam allowance plus 1 ½” for rod pocket minus 4”- length of my tassel) and 25 ½” wide (23” + 2 ½” seam allowance for double hems).


  •  Fold one piece of fabric lengthwise.
  • Measure 8 ½” on the side that is parallel to the folded line.
  • Use a fabric marking pen and ruler to mark a diagonal line to form a point.
  • Cut along the marked line.
  • Open out the fabric and use as a pattern to trim the other piece of fabric to the same size.


  • Measure the pointed edge of your curtain “net” and cut ribbon to the measured size plus 1” (one length for each curtain)

Attaching tassels and ribbon 

  • Lay one of your cut pieces face up.
  • Press ½” seam allowance at lower edge of the curtain “net” toward face side of the fabric. You can hand baste the seam allowance, then it will be easier to attach the ribbon.
  • Pin or hand baste a tassel to the face side of the curtain “net” point. As this is an important stage of the work make sure the point and the tassel will not move against each other when you will be stitching them up later. 


  • Pin the ribbon to the lower (pointed) edge of the curtain “net”, so the folded seam allowance is hidden behind the ribbon.
  • Pivot ribbon at pointed corner.
  • Mark the ribbon for miter.


  •  Remove the ribbon.
  • Stitch and press the miter.
  • Re-pin the ribbon to the curtain.
  • Edge stitch the ribbon to the curtain.


Finishing the curtain

  •  Fold the vertical edges of the curtain “net” underneath twice by ¾” each at vertical sides of the curtain “net” towards wrong side of the curtain to form a double fold hem.


  • Machine stitch double-fold hems.
  • Do the same with the second curtain.
  •  Lay both curtains one on the top of the other to make sure they are the same length, trim if necessary.

Making Rod Pocket

  •  Press under ½” at top edge of a panel.
  • Press 1 ½” under again to create double fold seam.
  • Pin the double fold seam.
  •  Machine stitch the seam 1 ½” in from the edge of the curtain.
  • Do the same with the second curtain.


  • Press …. and hang them up!

Easy curtain ideas

Do they make you window pretty?


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