How to sew curtains – Tent-Flap Curtains

If it is your first “DIY curtain” project and you are not sure whether you can handle a complex window dressing, if you do not want to spend a fortune on it and do not want to waste your time on something you are afraid will not eventually be finished try this simple, easy to sew Window curtain which will give your window a stylish new look.

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This type of curtains works especially well on small windows so if you have one in your place, let’s start…..

What we need for this project:

  • Two coordinating fabrics (I used crinkle faux silk fabrics)
  • Two matching buttons
  • Matching thread
  • Spring tension rod


  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marking pen
  • Ruler
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Hand needle

Cutting fabric

The cut length of each curtain panel is equal to the height of the window plus 1” for seam allowance plus 1 ½” for the curtain rod pocket.

The cut width of each panel is equal to one half of the window width plus 1” for seam allowance and 1” for overlap.

As an example: my window is 46” tall and 33” wide. I need to cut 2 pieces from face fabric and 2 pieces from coordinating fabric all measuring 48 ½” (46” + 1” + 1 ½”) x 18 ½” (33” : 2 + 1” + 1”).

Sewing curtains

  • Lay the front panels flat face up.
  • Lay the coordinating panels on the top of the front panels face down.
  • Pin them together.


  •  Machine stitch three sides of the panels ½” in from the edge leaving one short side open (unstitched)
  • Trim the corners to get rid of excess fabric.


  •  Press the seams open.


  • Turn the curtains right side out through the open sides of the curtains.
  • With closed scissors gently poke out corners.
  • Press the seams.
  • Lay one curtain flat.
  • Lay the second curtain parallel to the first one with inner side overlapping the first curtain by 1”
  • Hand baste or pin the overlap at the top edge. You need to make sure the corners of the panels will not move when you make a rod pocket later.


Sewing Rod Pocket

  • Cut a strip from coordinating fabric measuring 34” (the width of finished curtain plus 1” to create a neat entrance for the rod) by 2 ½” (width of the curtain pocket 1 ½” plus 1” for seam allowance).
  • With wrong side up pin this strip to the top of the right side of the curtain aligning the 34” long side of the strip with the top row edge of the curtain.


As this strip is longer than the width of the curtain by 1” make sure you have ½” excess of the strip at each side of the curtain. Curtain9

  • Wrap the external edge of the curtain by the amount of strip excess.


  • Machine stitch the strip to the curtain panels ½” in from the edge backstitching at the start and the end of the stitch.
  • Lay the curtain wrong side up.
  • Press seam allowance toward the strip.


  • Fold the strip along with seams toward wrong side of the curtain.
  • Fold and then pin the raw edge of the strip under by ½”.


  •  Machine stitch the rod pocket 1 ½” in from the top edge of the curtains.
  • Press.

Finishing the curtains

  • With your hand needle sew up the buttons to the wrong sides of the inner corners of the curtain ¼” in from the corners.


  •  Hang up the curtain using a spring tension rod.
  • Attach a small piece of self adhesive hook and loop tape (velcro) to the right side of the curtain right underneath the button.
  • Attach the second part of hook and loop tape to the window wall.
  • Front2 copy

 That’s it….. Job done…

Was it worth doing?

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