How to make fabric covered buttons

Fabric covered buttons is a great way to bring some personality and sophistication to your DIY projects such as pillows, curtains, duvets and furniture.
In this simple guide I show you how to make fabric covered buttons without a self cover button tool and with the tool.

Materials and Tools:

  • Small pieces of fabric
  • Self-cover button forms, plastic or metal
  • Scissors
  • Hand needle
  • Button maker (optional)

Making fabric covered buttons without button maker tool

Cut a circular piece of fabric that is about twice the diameter of the button form.

Sew a running stitch around the outer edge of the fabric.

Place the button form (front) in the centre on the wrong side of the fabric. Pull the threads to gather the fabric tightly and stitch to hold in place.

Cover with the backing disk. Push the disk until it clicks on all sides (you might need to use pliers for this).


Making fabric covered buttons with self-cover button maker:

A self-cover button maker is a two-part tool to make self-cover buttons. It is inexpensive, time saving and easy to use device that covers buttons of 5 different sizes: 11 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm and 29 mm.

If you want to cover a few buttons of the same size, using a template to cut fabric and self-cover button tool to cover buttons will help you to get professional results with lesser efforts.

To make a template, cut a circle from a piece of card or thick paper that is about twice the diameter of the button form.

Fold a few layers of fabric. Place template on the pile of fabric. Using sharp scissors cut fabric to the template size.

Place the button form (front) in the centre of one piece on the wrong side of the fabric. Insert the button along with fabric down into the mould part of the tool.

Tuck the excess fabric in and cover with the backing disk.

Press on the disk with help of pusher part of the tool till it snaps in place.

Take the button out of the mould and use it in your project.

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