How to sew a tablerunner with tassels

A nice Table Runner is a quick and easy way to complement your table arrangements. It will not only add a stylish look to your dining room but it will also be unique to your home if it is made by yourself.


Tablerunner 1 copy

For this project you will need:

  • Fabric (if the fabric is new I would recommend to wash it to eliminate shrinkage and get rid of excess dye before cutting)
  • Matching thread
  • Two tassels
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins and hand sewing needle
  • Fabric marking pen

Cutting the fabric

  • Measure your table the way you want your runner to go and add at least 12” to allow a drop of 6” at each end. For instance, if you are making a runner for a table 40” long you need to cut fabric 52” long.
  • Measure your desired width of the runner and add 1” for seam allowance. For 13” wide runner you need to cut a piece of 14” in width
  • Mark and cut 2 pieces of fabric to these measurements.


  • Fold one piece of fabric across in half, then lengthwise.
  • At the open end, use a pencil and ruler to mark a diagonal line to form point.
  • Cut along marked line through all layers.


  • Open out fabric and use as pattern to trim the other piece (or pieces, if you are making a few table runners) of fabric to the same size.


Sewing TableRunner

  • With right side up, pin or hand baste the loop of a tassel at each endpoint to one piece of fabric, so the tassel points toward the centre of the fabric.


  • Place the second piece of fabric on the top of the first one with right sides facing each other, lining up the edges carefully.
  • Pin or hand baste them together. As this is a very important stage of the work make sure the points and the tassel will not move against each other when you will be stitching them up.

Tablerunner6 (2)

  • Mark a gap of 6” long in the middle of one long side (you will need this gap to turn your runner right side out when it has been stitched).
  • Stitch the runner with 1/2-inch seam starting from the bottom of the opening gap and finishing at the top of the gap, leaving a 6-inch opening along one long side.


Turning TableRunner right side out

  • Before turning right side out, trim fabric around corners – do not cut the tassel loop. The loop will help to hold the tassel in place.


  • Pull the runner right side out through the unstitched gap.
  • With a pair of closed scissors gently poke out the seams to make neat edges and corners.
  • At the opening gap tuck the seam allowance in and slip stitch it.


  • Press and press until all seams are flat and straight.

Finishing the Tablerunner

  • Top-stitch all sides of your TableRunner 1” in from the edge (you can use a matching thread or contrasting thread).
  • Press.


It’s done and it’s gorgeous!


4 thoughts on “How to sew a tablerunner with tassels

  1. Thanks for the guidance. I love the finished look of the tassel and was completely at sea as to how to sew the tassle so it would look good. Like this is especially good as I will be making the runner to be reversible.

  2. I’ve done two with fall colored plaid. The pattern really helped me with my edges! I also used gold tassels to brighten up and add a dash of class. A breeze to put together.

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